Product Review: Survival Cord Firestarter Bracelet

Paracord bracelets have quickly become the symbol of the emergency preparedness crowd. With a paracord bracelet, you can have anywhere from seven to 16 feet of useful cord to pull your rear out of a sling if you need it to. Some bracelets are just better than others, and the Survival Cord Firestarter Bracelet distributed by 2 Monkey Trading is one of those premium paracord products. With it on your wrist, you not only get several feet of indispensable cordage, you also can start a fire when conventional tools are unavailable.

The bracelet is adjustable from seven to nine inches, which means that it will even fit wrists as big as mine without discomfort. This is likely because the cord is of a thinner gauge, but that’s good because you get 16 feet of paracord when it’s unraveled. The particular bracelet reviewed is bright and vibrant, making easy to find if you lose it in the wilderness (but not so good if you are trying to be camouflaged). The best feature of this product is its built-in fire starting tools.

Tied to one end of the bracelet is a black washer and on the other end is an inch-long rod of fire stone. To further build upon its cleverness, the washer and stone also act as the buckle for the bracelet. The loop of the cord goes through the washer, wraps around, and then loops around the fire rod, securing it tightly. To create a fire with it, gather up a small tinder pile and strike the washer along the fire stone. When the sparks start a small fire, nurture it by adding additional tinder. As it grows, add larger and larger pieces of wood until you have a healthy fire.

Paracord bracelets are not just useful survival tools, they are pretty much a symbol of the prepper crowd. Preppers wear them almost as an identification badge, letting one another know that they are in the lifestyle. Therefore, it is pretty sweet when you can wear a bracelet that not only has usefulness for its cord, but also has an auxiliary function such as this. A lot of people have bracelets with integrated whistles and compasses. But with this one, you have the ability to create fire, and what could be more awesome than that?

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