Product Review: Sierra Sage Green Goo

By Anthony Yeary

As a prepper, my mobility bag (or bug out bag, as most people call it) is always under construction and modification. It goes without saying that I am always looking for new ideas to improve it. Due to my interest in being prepared and as a veteran, the Editor of Surplus Today asked me to review a potential addition to my preparedness. The product I reviewed is Green Goo First Aid and Outdoor Salve from Sierra Sage.

Green Goo is an all-purpose salve intended to heal cuts, scrapes, dry hands, rashes, chafing and insect bites. Sierra Sage even claims that it works in the capacity of an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-yeast. Green Goo is all natural, made from organic herbs and essential oils. A brief Internet search reveals that Green Goo has its loyal followers who swear by its abilities.
By nature, I am a very skeptical man. I do not normally accept things at face value. I decided that I would have to test Green Goo on myself and see if it works as well as people claim. The test area was a small rash on my left wrist, because lately, I have been getting sensitive to nickel. My watch’s housing is manufactured from brass and plated in nickel, so occasionally I develop a minor rash if I wear it too frequently. I applied Green Goo and found it to leave a slightly greasy film that disappeared after 20 or so minutes. The scent, which is more prominent in the tin, was odorless on my skin and a little seemed to go a long way. After a couple of minutes, the minor itch that comes with the rash went away. To my surprise, after two days of use, the entire rash had healed up. Needless to say, I was impressed. The medication my doctor prescribed me to clear up rashes didn’t even work that quickly.

After this review, I am convinced that all people concerned with emergency prep need to check this out. As an all-purpose first-aid salve, it has a place in everyone’s medicine cabinet, glove box, bug out bag and first aid kit. For the consumer, it is well priced at under $15. Compare that price to how much a tube of Benadryl® or Neosporin® costs and you find that you have a comparable product value-wise. In addition, the ingredients are all natural. No chemicals are contained in the product. I believe that outdoor enthusiasts, preppers and surplus/outdoor enthusiasts will really enjoy what Green Goo has to offer.

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