Product Review: Lifeline Essential Survival Can

By Anthony Yeary

Deciding to begin prepping for survival situations can be a complicated endeavor to begin because there are so many facets. A good starting point is to build a bug-out bag or an emergency roadside kit for your vehicle. Although this narrows things down a bit, deciding what items and tools should go in your bag or kit will require some critical thinking. Certain products can help you “cheat” critical thinking initially by offering you several items in one purchase that can begin your preparedness, while helping you brainstorm more serious ideas. One such product is Lifeline’s Essential Survival Can.

The Lifeline Essential Survival Can includes 26 items that you can use to help yourself in a bad situation. These items include safety pins, wound closure strips, and a surgical blade for first aid purposes. Among the survival tools are fishing hooks, line, and sinker weights. Also, there is a survival guide, whistle, paracord, compass, candle, fire starter, duct tape, aluminum foil, snare wire, and a zipper-lock bag. All of these items are conveniently contained within a weather resistant aluminum can.


To an experienced prepper, the Survival Can probably doesn’t offer much. It could be stored in a vehicle or camper, or it could be put away for friends or family members who aren’t prepared for anything and may need it when emergencies crop up. That is where the Essential Survival Can shines – the beginner prepper. Any prepared individual worth his/her salt has already accumulated the above items, better items, or substitutes. However, it is a good first step in preparing for emergencies.

People who have not gathered these items may have some of these things floating around in a junk drawer or garage – but obviously not everything. A product like the Survival Can will give them a good starting place when entering the emergency preparedness world. It can also function as an educational/discovery tool and will open their minds to what other products they can purchase to be even more prepared. Priced under $13, the Lifeline Essential Survival Can is a product worth carrying in your store.

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