Do It Yourself: Make a Splint

Having a knowledge and understanding of First Aid can and will come in very handy in emergency
situations. This is especially true in situations where there is a serious physical injury. Sprained, dislocated
or broken limbs can happen at any time, in any circumstance. when this occurs, it is important to
know how to tend to the injury in order to ensure that no further damage is done until someone with
professional training can arrive and properly deal with the injury.

The most important aspect of properly handling this situation is knowing how to secure the injured body
part using a splint.


1. Something rigid to stabilize the fracture (rolled up newspaper, heavy stick, board or plank).
2. Cloth to wrap up something that has sharp edges.
3. Something to secure the splint with (string, rope, belt, strips of cloth, medical tape. Avoid using duct tape!)
4. Bandages or gauze to clean up wound with.


Treat Wound

Put pressure on wound to stop bleeding and apply cloth or gauze. Do not try to reposition the body part.




Secure Limb

First you will take the two sticks and place them on either side of your arm. Place rigid items on the joint above the injury and the joint below it. Extend the splint beyond the injured area in order to keep it from moving. Try to keep the limb in the position in which it was found.



Secure Supports

Gauze and wrap it around the sticks and your arm. Secure the splint with ties, such as belts, cloth strips, or neckties, or tape above and below the injury. Avoid placing ties directly over the injured area.




Double Check

Check periodically for pale, swollen, or blue-tinged body parts. These are signs of improper blood circulation. If the injured person complains that the splint is causing pain, or making them numb, loosen ties.



Get Help

After you have applied the splint and the injured body part is no longer able to move, call 911 and seek medical help right away.

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