Bug Out with a Bike

By Tom Nardone

In times of emergencies, it is essential to have a plan. Even the most prepared survivalists may reach the point when supplies are low, or when their bunker is infiltrated. At this point, it’s time to grab your bug out bag and go.

But how will you escape the blight of your home turf? Transportation is key. Cars, trucks and SUVs may seem like solid withdrawal vehicles now, but in the event of a catastrophe, how feasible is driving? Roadways may very well be blocked, with any remaining traffic at a standstill. Police forces will break down, and traffic laws will go out the window. Large, cumbersome vehicles like SUVs and RVs can only take you so far when the SHTF.

In the event of a true catastrophe, you can’t depend on roadways to operate efficiently; you can only depend on yourself. That is why a bicycle is your best choice for bugging out. Bicycles don’t need roadways or traffic signals. They can go off-road and through alleys when cars can’t and they aren’t dependent on precious resources like gas.

There are many reasons why bikes make excellent bug-out transportation. Bicycles are cheap and can be outfitted to suit your individual needs. Bikes are capable of hauling equipment and supplies. Bikes are lightweight and most anyone can operate them, making them a great choice for the entire family. Bicycles operate on simple mechanisms that can be fixed easily.

To build the best Bug Out Bike (BOB), you’ll want a few items. First, spend some time looking at bikes. Inexpensive is always a plus. Big tires are handy for off-roading. We found a bike we trust at Walmart. It is the Mongoose Beast. This all-terrain bike costs $199 and features super-sized beach cruiser tires on a standard 26” steel frame. The Beast’s huge tires will help you navigate over debris and give you extra stability off-road.

You can “pimp” your BOB with a compass, bicycle bag and flashlight. These life-saving items are easily purchased at Amazon. The Avenir Compass Bell ($7.36) mounts on your bike and features a compass. You’ll want a compass when your GPS system no longer works.

A bike mounted flashlight will cost you under $10 at Amazon. Make sure to get a battery-operated light and plenty of back up batteries. A light will allow you to safely bug-out at night in sparsely populated areas.

The Ibera Bicycle Bag ($18) straps onto your bike and carries essential gear. Use this bag to carry gear, tools, tire slime and snacks. Tire Slime is another great investment for your BOB. It prevents and repairs flat tires quickly.

A basic bike repair kit and a U-lock are excellent items to keep your bike safe and sound at all times. You can get a trailer to haul behind your bike to carry extra gear like food, blankets and tents. Sidecars are also available. Bikes can be built and modified to your personal specifications.

Because bikes expose you to the open air, without offering shelter or protection, we suggest arming yourself against the elements and against other people. The best way to keep yourself safe is with a bulletproof vest. Protecting yourself with a bulletproof vest is crucial as you stealthily move from one location to the next. We like the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest. It gives you level 3A protection and sells for only $299. This bulletproof vest will keep you safe from handgun fire (even a .44 Magnum), and can be modified with armor plates to protect you from rifle fire as well.

Bicycles are versatile and can be outfitted to your specific bug out needs. They are fairly inexpensive: as you can see, we put together a solid bug out bike for under $600. Even if you do plan to bug out by car or SUV, we suggest that you carry emergency bikes in your vehicle. In the event you need to make a quick, safe and stealthy getaway, bicycles are one of your best bets.

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